தமிழ்நாடு தொலைத்தொடர்பு ஒப்பந்த தொழிலாளர் சங்கம்-VDR 278 (TAMILNADU TELECOM CONTRACT WORKERS UNION): house keeping

house keeping

(A Government of India Enterprise)
O/o Principal General Manager, State Bank Road, Coimbatore –18.

Sri.Balaji Agency,
41.A. Melachinthamani,
F 3 A Block, JB Towers,
Karur Bye Pass Road, Trichy-620 002.

104,Mariamman Koil Street,
Sowripalayam, Coimbatore 28.

Sri Kamachi Enterprises,
92, VKK Menon road,
Siddhapudur, Coimbatore-44.

Pudukottai Security Services,
No.1, Jawan Welfare Shop,
Kumunthankulam road,
Old Bus Stand, Pudukottai-622 001.

No. MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/2/45 dt. at Coimbatore the 30.10.08.

Sub: Termination of tender for providing House Keeping and
General Conservancy Services opened on 8-2-07–reg.
Ref: MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/ 2/ 20 dt. 25.04.07.
MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/ 2/ 35 dt. 22.10.07.
MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/ 2/ 36 dt. 21.11.07.
MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/ 2/ 37 dt. 19.12.07
MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/ 2/ 39 dt. 22.01.08
MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/ 2/ 40 dt. 19.02.08
MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/ 2/ 41 dt. 24.4.08
MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/ 2/ 44 dt. 26.07.08
The tender for providing House Keeping and General Conservancy Services in Coimbatore SSA is terminated with effect from 01.11.08 since a fresh tender has been finalized in this regard.

Assistant General Manager(OP),
O/O PGM, BSNL, Coimbatore-18.

Copy to:SDE(OP)/PC/JAO(W)/AO(W)/AO(Cash)

(A Government of India Enterprise)
O/O Principal General Manager,State Bank Road, Coimbatore –18.

All DGMs
AllCAOs/AGMs/DEs concerned

No. MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/2/ 46 dt. at Coimbatore the 30.10.08.

Sub: Termination of tender for providing House
keeping and General Conservancy Services – reg.

Ref: MIS/Tender/HK & GCS/06-07/2/45 dt. 30.10.08

The tender for providing House keeping and General Conservancy Services in Coimbatore SSA opened on 8.2.07 is terminated with effect from 01.11.08. In this regard you are requested to send a satisfactory completion of work certificate addressed to SDE(MIS), O/O P.G.M., BSNL, Coimbatore-18 on or before 20.11.08 so as to enable this office to process for refund of security deposit to the contractors.

Name of the contractor : …………………………….

Period of contract: 01.05.07 to 31.10.08

Location for which Housekeeping is provided:……………………………………..

1. The contractor has fulfilled the contractual obligations.

2. No amount is to be deducted/recovered from the contractor.

3. No damage has been caused to BSNL

4. No bill is pending in this unit.

Assistant General Manager(OP),
O/O PGM, BSNL, Coimbatore-18.

(A Government of India Enterprise)
O/O Principal General Manager, Telephone Exge, State Bank Road, Coimbatore-18

MIS / Tender-HK & GCS / 08-09 / 24 dt at CBE the 29.10.08

The Principal General Manager, Telecommunications, BSNL, Coimbatore is pleased to award the tender for providing Housekeeping and General Conservancy Services in Coimbatore SSA as detailed below.

M/s New Security Force, 12, BSS Complex,
Trunk Road, Rabi Nagar, Thiruvanaikoil, Trichy-620005.
Cell No.98651 29662, Ph No.0431-2231852

Sl No. Area No of units Rate/day for 8hrs duty
Rs.129.01 Rate/day for 6hrs duty
Rs.89.66 Rate/day for 4hrs duty
Rs.59.77 Rate/day for 2hrs duty
Rs.29.89 Service charge@3% & 2.5%
Cost of material
(in Rs.) Total Amount

(in Rs.)
1. DGM Admn No of units 16 5 3 0
Amt/month 61924.80 13449.00 5379.30 0

2. DGM Planning No of units 24 5 1 1
Amt/month 92887.20 13449.00 1793.10 896.70

3. DGM Broadband No of units 5 0 1 0
Amt/month 19351.50 0 1793.10 0

4. DGM Mobile Services No of units 4 0 1 0
Amt/month 15481.20 0 1793.10 0

5. DGM Urban South CBE No of units 11 4 41 22
Amt/month 42573.30 10759.20 73517.10 19727.40

6. DGM Urban North CBE No of units 15 4 44 13
Amt/month 58054.50 10759.20 78896.40 11657.10

7. DGM Pollachi No of units 9 4 30 25
Amt/month 34832.70 10759.20 53793.00 22417.50

8. DGM Tiruppur No of units 19 2 43 7
Amt/month 73535.70 5379.60 77103.30 6276.90
TOTAL 861967
Service Tax at applicable rate can be claimed separately in the bill.

The Tender is valid for a period of SIX MONTHS from 1.11. 08 to 30.04.09

The rates approved are inclusive of all cleaning materials and implements required for the Housekeeping and General Conservancy Services.

Necessary materials such as scented phenyl / soap oil, acid, urinal cakes, bleaching powder, cleaning powder, naphthalene balls, mop sticks, brooms, cobweb sticks, brushes, duster cloths etc. for cleaning and sweeping should be arranged by the Contractor.

Monthly payment to the labourers should be made by the contractors preferably through Nationalised / Schedule Banks or through crossed cheques.

Terms and conditions and Scope of work are enclosed.

Assistant General Manager (OP),

Encl: Scope of Work &Terms & Conditions.

Copy to: The successful tenderer

All DGMs / CAOs in Coimbatore SSA

All DEs / AGMs for infn and n/a to inform unit officers concerned.
(They are requested to see that no other expenditure is incurred
apart from this in respect of House Keeping.)

SDE (OP) / PC / JAO (Works) / AO (Works) / AO (Cash)




1.1. The Contractor should execute the whole and every part of the work in the most substantial and workman like manner both as regards to materials and otherwise in every respect in strict accordance with the scope of work.

1.2. The scavenging works should be carried out twice daily.

1.3. In the event of any failure to comply with any of the clause of these tender terms and conditions or the agreement, the tender is liable to be cancelled and the Security Deposit is liable to be forfeited.

1.4 If the service of the Contractor is not satisfactory, BSNL has the right to terminate the tender by giving 15 days notice with the forfeiture of Security Deposit.


2.1 The service provider shall be responsible for the discipline of the persons employed by him. If at any time, it is found that the persons are indulging in act of misbehavior or misconduct etc. the unit officer shall have the right to have him / her replaced by the service provider.

2.2. The service provider shall maintain complete personal data of persons employed by him such as, name, father’s name, permanent address, village / taluk / district, police station concerned, signature and finger prints etc. The incumbent should have undergone character and antecedents verification through the police etc.

2.3. The service provider should be responsible for the welfare of his persons as per the various State / Central Government Acts and Regulations.

2.4. Child labour and aged above 60 years will not be permitted.

2.5. The service provider will be solely responsible for the employment of persons and payment of salaries, allowances and other benefits to his labourers and BSNL shall in no way responsible for the same. He should not wait for the BSNL’s payment to pay to his labourers. He should make payment on or before 7th of the following month without fail.

2.6. In case of any additional requirements the service provider should be in a position to carry out the work at the approved rate without delay.

2.7. In case any workman of the service provider suffers injury / damage or meets with an accident during the discharge of duties, the entire cost of compensation should be borne by the Contractor and BSNL will stand indemnified against any claim for compensation.

2.8. Cooking / halt after duty hours by the labours of the service providers inside the building is not permitted.

2.9. The Contractor should provide first aid facilities for the contract labourer.

2.10. Identity card should be supplied by the agency to their employees. No person will be allowed to work in BSNL without identity card.

2.11. The Housekeeping agencies should ensure that the persons employed by them should not participate in any Dharna or Agitation or strike organized by them or by the trade union / Association of BSNL. Tender will be terminated for violation of the above condition with the forfeiture of Security Deposit.

2.12. Contractor should provide sufficient number of labourers and full time supervisor for each DGM areas to get in touch with concerned officer in charge for receiving instructions from time to time and for the smooth functioning of the work.

2.13. Necessary materials such as scented phenyl / soap oil, acid, urinal cakes, bleaching powder, cleaning powder, naphthalene balls, mopstiks, brooms, cobweb sticks, brushes, duster cloths etc. for cleaning and sweeping will be arranged by the Contractor. The cleaning materials should necessarily be handed over to the SDE / JTO in-charge of the respective building and the certified delivery Chelan for the same should be enclosed along with the monthly bill.

2.14. Proper substitute arrangement is required to be made against absent of labour for House keeping. Similarly in case of absence / leave against the works of sweeping and scavenging, the contractor must make his own arrangement for sweeping and scavenging work immediately without fail.

2.15. The conveyance charges towards dispatch works if any shall not be paid by BSNL but to be borne by the contractor.

2.16. With respect to the buildings like Main Telephone Exge, Cbe-18, Telephone Exge, SBC Cbe-11 and Race Course, Cbe-18, which comes under the building in charge; the respective contractor is responsible to undertake sweeping and cleaning works for the entire building. The details of sweeping area, open space, toilets etc covering all the floors and buildings are furnished in the schedule of work “ANNEXURE-B” of the tender document.


3.1. The Contractor will be engaged as “WORK CONTRACTOR” on “WORK CONTRACT BASIS” which is purely a work contract based on the principles of Law of Contract.

3.2. The Contractor getting the work order will be entirely responsible for all losses and damages caused during execution of the tender work by his party to men, material and properties belonging not only to BSNL but also to other departments, organizations and individuals. BSNL shall have no liability whatsoever.

3.3. Any legal or financial implications while executing the work would be vested with the Contractor only. BSNL shall have no liability whatsoever.


All the cleaning and scavenging works should be completed well before the commencement of the office and during lunch breaks as per the instructions of the unit officer / Officer-in-charge concerned.


5.1. When the required services / materials are not provided proportionate deduction will be made with penalty. In case of poor services, penal deductions will be made by the unit officers at the rate of Rs.100/- per day per unit subject to a maximum of 12%. The decision of the P.G.M, BSNL Coimbatore will be final in this regard.

5.2. If any consequential damages occur while carrying out the work, the damage incurred so should be borne by the Contractor. Quantum of liquidity damages assessed by the BSNL shall be final and non-challengeable by the contractor. The decision of the P.G.M, BSNL Coimbatore will be final in this regard.

5.3. The contractor is fully responsible for any failure towards the non-payment of EPF / ESI / Service Tax & Educational Cess which lead to penalty by the authorities concerned.


Work has to be commenced as per time schedule. For the delayed commencement of work, a delay of every week or part thereof, an amount equivalent to 2% of the contractor’s claim made for the execution will be deducted from the amount payable in the settlement of the claim at the discretion of the Divisional Engineer.


A penalty of Rs. 100/- exclusive of prorata rate will be deducted for each day. If general cleaning of floor / toilets / urinals in any floor is not carried out satisfactorily.

The above penalties will be made by way of deductions in the monthly cleaning bill presented by the contractor. The decision of the Divisional Engineer will be final in all the above matters.


6.1. BSNL, Coimbatore, may without prejudice to any other remedy for breach of contract, may terminate the contract with the forfeiture of Security Deposit in whole or in parts by giving 15 days notice if the contractor fails to perform any of the terms and conditions under the contract.

i) BSNL Coimbatore may without prejudice to other rights under the law of the contract get the tender work done at the risk and cost of the contractor in above circumstances.

ii) BSNL Coimbatore may also by giving written notice and without compensation to the contractor terminate the contract if the contractor becomes unwilling, bankrupt or otherwise insolvent without affecting its right of action for remedy, as deemed fit.

6.2. BSNL shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to the contractor as a result of the termination of the contract. BSNL shall be free to take due action for the appointment of a new contractor during the period under notice and thereafter. The contractor / the company will be debarred for further participation in the tender floated by this SSA. The decision of PGM,BSNL,Coimbatore as to the quantum of loss and negligence will be final.

6.3. The contractor shall under no circumstances sublet the contract and if he does so, the BSNL, Coimbatore whereupon by notice in writing rescind the contract with the forfeiture of Security Deposit.


7.1. The contractor shall submit all bills on monthly basis in triplicate on serially machine numbered printed forms only, to the officer (Divisional Engineer) concerned along with an advance stamped receipt for processing for payment. The contractor shall enclose the payment copies of the previous months service tax, EPF, ESI Statement of both employer and employees contribution and certified delivery chalan for the materials supplied.

7.2. The contractor shall submit a certificate that he had paid the wages as per minimum wages act, ESI, EPF and Service TAX remittance completely for the previous months. Without these copies the bills will not be considered for payment. Necessary deductions towards income tax and surcharge and any other tax levied by State / Central Government / Local administration shall be made from the bills at the time of payment as per rules in existence at that time. The payment will be made through E- payment for which the contractor has to produce a mandate form or by crossed cheques.

7.3. Monthly payment to the labourers should be made by the contractors in the presence of BSNL authorized officers or through Banks. A monthly wage sheet consisting the following columns should be accompanied with the bill.

1. Name of the labourers
2. Station
3. Wages per day
4. No of day’s duty
5. No. of paid weekly off days
6. Total days paid
7. Total amount paid

Signature of the contractor Signature of witness
(not below the rank of JTO)

The monthly bills of the contractors shall be accompanied with statement mentioned above and paid chalans of EPF & ESI. These chalans should be exclusively for the labourers of the concerned SSA only. No consolidated proof of chalan by including various other SSAs will be accepted.

7.4. In case of absence / non-performing of work, pro-rata deductions with appropriate penalty will be made in the bills by the unit officers.

7.5. As it is a statutory obligation, applicable rate of service tax and education cess from time to time may be claimed in the monthly bill submitted to this office by the contractor. The proof for having paid the claimed service tax and cess to the Central Excise Department on the due date shall be submitted by the contractor before claiming the next bill. Failure to enclose the proof of payment of Service Tax and Educational Cess will render action as deemed fit against Contractor. The payment for the service tax in further bills will be with held till such time the proof of payment of service tax is produced by the contractor. The service tax registration number should invariably be printed in the bills of the contractors.

7.6. At the end of the contract, if any unpaid ESI, EPF contributions or service tax is noticed, BSNL will deduct the same from the available Security Deposit of the contractor.



8.1. BSNL Coimbatore reserves the right to blacklist a Contractor for a suitable period in case he fails to honour his tender without sufficient grounds

8.2. The period of contract shall normally be six months from the date of awarding of the tender but can be extended for a further period of Six months or till such time a fresh tender is finalised whichever is earlier at the same rate with the same terms and conditions.

8.3. The rate once approved will not be changed under any circumstances. No upward revision of rate is allowed during the entire period of contract and the extended period also.


9.1. All the Contractors are bound by the labour laws as amended from time to time and also bound by the various provisions of the said laws.

9.2. All payments of salaries, leave, EPF, ESI Contribution for the labourers engaged by the contractor for the execution of the tender work and all other liabilities imposed by the Contract Labour (R & A) Act 1970 and the EPF and ESI organizations wherever applicable will be the sole responsibility of the contractor and the BSNL will stand indemnified in this regard.

10. SET OFF: -

Any sum of money due and payable to the Contractor (Including Security Deposit refundable to him) under this contract may be appropriated by the BSNL, Coimbatore, and set off against any claim of the BSNL for payment of a sum of money arising out of this contract or under any other contract made by the contractor with the BSNL.



1. Removal of waste paper from waste paper baskets daily.

2. Cleaning of toilets, urinals, washbasins both outside and inside the block twice daily and windowpanes in toilet glasses and stains / dirt on glasses daily.

3. Cleaning of windows, doors, water coolers, water drums, glasses, water jugs, vessels, flasks and filling of water daily and whenever necessary. The person cleaning toilets and urinals should not be employed for this work.

4. Work of sweeping and cleaning inside and outside floor area, terrace, surface of the building, maintenance of garden, cutting wild bush and unwanted growth of vegetation outside the building, regular watering, cleaning in and around the building, stair cases and other maintenance operations of all multi-storied buildings should be carried out on daily basis.

5. Assisting the dispatch work, going to post office, and to other BSNL offices etc, assisting BSNL staff in file movements, in local purchase and transporting office stores and other miscellaneous works. Assisting BSNL staff in attending to the works during power failure.

6. Cleaning of signboards inside and outside the buildings, walls, ceiling, open terrace stair cases, electrical fittings such as fans, lights and accessories, removing cobwebs and changing of curtains on weekly basis. Cleaning Telephone Instruments with antiseptic daily.

7. Assisting BSNL staff in Arranging / rearranging and cleaning of all office furniture / machines / office equipments neatly on daily basis. Any service similar to those noted above as per the instruction of the officer in charge for smooth functioning of office.

8. Maintenance of Inspection Quarters, conference hall, etc, maintaining the entry register in Inspection Quarters.

9. The sweeping and scavenging works will be treated as part time works under the control of respective building in charge only. These works should be carried out before the commencement of the Office hours as per the instructions of the unit officers / building in charge.